Shadow Experience

Soquel High School “Shadow” Experience (ON HOLD during COVID)

For students who are seriously considering attending Soquel High School, a “shadow  experiencemay be arranged to give the student a chance to enjoy a day at Soquel High.
The first available shadow day is the first Monday in November and the last day to shadow is the last Monday in April. (We only do student shadows on Monday's.) Accompanied by a student guide, interested students may attend classes for a day. While in attendance, the visitor will be under the supervision of the Soquel High School administration.  Both the host student and guest must follow all school and classroom rules.

If a student is interested in observing one particular class or “shadowing” a particular student,  please advise the Counseling Department.  The permission slip must be turned into the Counseling Department by Thursday the week prior, otherwise it will not be accepted. The form (Student Shadow Permission Slip) may be found in the Counseling Department or below. Please report to the Front Office 10-15 minutes before school starts on your shadow day. The student who is shadowing will be given a guest pass for the day. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Valerie Goodwin at 429-3909 x 49132 or via email:

 Thank you,

 Soquel High School Counseling Department

 Print  - Click on the Link: SHS Student Shadowing Form