Annual Fund Drive 2015-2016

                        The SOQUEL HIGH FUND
A non-profit organization supporting the academic, art and athletic programs at Soquel High School
P.O. Box 1700      Soquel, CA 95073    
 Tax ID # 77-0038657     


Dear Fellow Soquel High Parents;
We know you will receive many donation letters this year. However, we hope you will consider this one to be very near and dear to your families.  
As in the past, your donations to the Soquel High Fund have made it possible to continue our valuable academic, arts and sports programs. This year, we are in a very precarious situation, as several of our traditional fundraising streams have been, or are, in jeopardy of being lost.
Among the significant donations we are losing this year are;
-minus $8,000 from Safeway eScrip program
-minus $10,000 matching grant donation last year which net $23,000 
-minus Target's Take Charge of Education Program
In addition, we have recently surveyed some of the teachers and found their OUT OF POCKET classroom expenses to be much higher than previously known. Here is what we learned:

"In our department, each teacher spends between $1,500 to $2,000 a year to run our programs. And as we have not had a unit budget in years - we depend upon grants and donations to keep afloat. I am not going to lie, it actually is pretty depressing to keep track. "
"The amount of time we spend on fundraising for the classroom and special projects is significant and takes a great deal of effort and time for teachers"
The Soquel High Fund is asking that each family make some donation; however, in the past we have needed to raise $175 per student to keep our programs afloat. Please keep in mind that was before we lost two important funding sources. The $175 will help the teachers in a small way to offset their out of pocket expenses. We hope you will consider making Soquel High School your charity of choice this year.
There are two ways to donate this year. You may write a check payable to the Soquel High Fund and mail it to: Soquel High Fund, PO Box 1700, Soquel, CA 95073, or you may conveniently visit the Soquel High Fund website at and donate online with a credit card, at this
All donations are tax deductible, the Soquel High Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and our tax ID number is
 77-0038657. Please use the form below if you are mailing your donation.
Bonnie Keet, Junior Parent
Peg Muller-Conti, Freshman Parent
Matt Howard, Freshman Parent                       
Soquel High Fund's Annual Fund Drive
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Thank you in advance for your generous contribution and continued support!