United Way Program

An excerpt from an email communication has very important information about the United Way campaign that you might be able to participate in, and double your donation and get a tax deduction too.     
From a parent,
Over the past four years, I have participated in the United Way program through my employer, Wells Fargo Bank. Although I had participated with biweekly United Way donations for 15 years prior to that with my other employer, I had no idea that I could use this campaign to set up biweekly, tax exempt donations to my children's schools through my payroll deductions. And even more wonderful was that my current employer matches my donation, dollar for dollar, up to $5,000! Because if this, I am able to donate a total of $10,200 this year alone, split between both schools.

I'm telling you this not to ask for recognition, but to please have your principals mention the United Way campaign each year in their August/September monthly newsletters. Many people work for companies that participate in this campaign, and don't know that they can set up payroll based or one-time donations to their own children's schools. Plus, these employers will often match donations to schools. Imagine the additional funds our schools could collect with this untapped opportunity!

I don't know which corporate employers offer this but I thought it would be worth a few sentences in a newsletter. Most importantly, to do so during the campaign period, which for many is the month of September. I know I will be renewing my biweekly donations for the year to come.

Hope this helps. Thanks for all you do.