If you are unable to find the answer to your question on the website,please leave a message with the appropriate person listed below. The administrative staff at Soquel High School will answer your question, or help direct you to the appropriate person who can. Your questions will be answered as quickly as possible.  Please dial the main phone number (429-3909), then use the extensions listed below.






Greg O'Meara Principal 123 MO
Kelly Moker Administrative
Assistant to Principal
124 MO
Jose Quevedo Assistant Principal of
Student Services,
Security, Safety, & Discipline
126 MO
Lori Vienna Administrative Assistant to
Assistant Principal of
Student Services 
129 MO
Derek Kendall Assistant Principal of
Counseling Services
125 CO
Val Goodwin Counseling Secretary 132 CO
Jenny Robles Attendance Clerk 131 MO
Stu Walters Athletic Director 115 or 174
or 429-3950
Layla Dawson Activities Director and ASB 220 220
Jennifer Smith Registrar 136 CO


MO = Main Office
CO = Counseling Office