Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Are you College and Career Ready?

CTE classes at Soquel High can help you get ready for your future!

CTE classes at Soquel High assist you to become College and Career Ready by offering practical hands on classes that build career skills now and for the future. The CTE program is open to all high school students fifteen (15) years and older. (**Appropriate class for tenth graders. )


Bike Technology :** Students learn bicycle repair, maintenance and safety. Curriculum includes: building up and repair bicycles, sales and ordering parts, communication, safety laws and health, environmental and economic benefits.

Cabinetry**: The design and creation of cabinets, furniture and finish details are special areas of expertise in home and building construction or remodeling. Articulation with Cabrillo - Eligible to petition for CEM 190CB, 3 units, with a Grade of "C" or better, credit by exam.

Computer Science:  Students explore problem solving and computer programming and gain technical expertise using computational tools.  Courses include Introduction to Computer Science and AP Computer Science.

Construction Technology**: Construction Technology is a program involving classroom and work-site competencies in the follow areas: basic construction math, project organization, starting the job, foundations and support structures, practices and procedures for standard word framing, exterior wall and roof coverings, repairing and /or altering old and new structures, and new technologies, Articulation with Cabrillo - Eligible to petition for CEM 190CB, 3 units, with a Grade of "C" or better. credit by exam,

Criminal Justice: Students learn the various aspects of law enforcement and the law. Could receive Cabrillo credit - Students who complete the course with a grade of C (70%) or better and upon recommendation of the instructor, are eligible to petition for college credit upon enrolling at Cabrillo College, credit by exam. CJ 1 3 units. Meets CSU/UC "G" requirement.

Digital Photography**: Students explore the artistic and technical skills needed to capture, manipulate, enhance and output digital images. In this hands-on class, students will create a variety of visual media including portraits, product photos, artistic compilation and web graphics. Meets UC/CSU A-G requirements for College Prep Visual & Performing Arts (F) credit.

Graphic Design 1 and 2: Students will explore the techniques and tools used in commercial art. Emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of design and how its principles are used in print media, illustration, photography and web graphics. The course introduces students to the use and application of Adobe Creative Suite 5; students should have an interest in color theory, typography, art, computer graphics, photography or illustration. Meets CSU/UC “F” requirement. Could receive Cabrillo credit - Eligible to petition for DM 1, 4 units, credit by exam, project portfolio and instructor recommendation. Level 2 coursework will include 2D animation, web design, motion graphics for film, advanced print design and production, product and package design and marketing communication. Required: Satisfactory performance in level 1 and instructor recommendation.

Environmental Horticulture**: Topics studied include landscape ecology, ecosystem restoration & management, sustainable use of natural resources, and urban landscape design and management. Meets UC A-G “G” requirement. Articulation with Cabrillo - With a grade of C or better student is eligible to petition for HORT 162 AZ (2 units) + HORT 100 A (1 unit), credit by exam.

Floral Design**: Students will acquire practical skills and knowledge of flower design as well as design and marketing of floral arrangements. Articulation with Cabrillo - With a grade of C or better student is eligible to petition for HORT 162 AZ (3 units).

Welding: Introduction to basic welding skills including (MIG) metal inert gas welding, (TIG) tungsten gas welding, oxyacetylene gas welding and cutting, arc/stick electrode welding. Metal fabrication and design. Hot and cold metal forming, joining, and forging techniques will be explored. Emphasis on safety, operation of shop equipment, machinery and power tools.


(Off-campus classes must fit into the student’s high school schedule. Students must provide their own transportation to off-campus classes. See counselor to register!

Aquaculture @ San Lorenzo Valley: A great hands-on applied math and science application of aquaculture.Students will apply math and science to a project-based curriculum with real world applications. The course includes aquatic careers, an overview of the different types of aquaculture, water-quality,monitoring, aquatic ecology, equipment, organism life cycles and culturing techniques, feeds and nutrition and business practice. This course meets UC/CSU A-G requirements for College Prep Elective "G" credit.

Automotive Services Technician @ Santa Cruz High: Students will learn basics of automotive technology as well as general diagnosis and repair of valve train, cylinder head, engine block, lubrication and cooling systems. Students can take this class for two years and earn an industry-recognized automotive certification. (Juniors get preference, two year program).

Culinary Arts Center Street Food Lounge, Santa Cruz: This instructional program prepares students with food production, preparation, and service skills for employment in institutional,commercial, or independently owned food establishments or other food and hospitality industry occupations. Afternoon to early evening class once a week. Could receive Cabrillo credit with a “C” or better and recommendation by the instructor for CAHM 50ABC 3 credits

Fire Science North County: An overview of fire technology including firefighting, hazardous materials, fire prevention and organizations that provide these services. Various certifications will be offered including CPR, First Aid, and Incident Command. Cabrillo Articulation-Eligible to petition for FT-1, 3 credits, with Grade of C or better, instructor recommendation, credit by exam.

Health Careers: Students will receive an overview of the medical field and administrative skills needed to be successful. Students will explore potential career options in the healthcare field. Medical terminology will be emphasized. (pre-requisite for Medical Technologies)

Information Technology @ Cruzio, Downtown Santa Cruz: Students are introduced and learn a variety of networking technologies, operating systems and communications networks. Students learn the fundamentals of web design and the infrastructure that supports the Work Wide Web. Students will learn Linux, Bash Shell, coding in the PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor programming language and SQL-Structuared Query Language to use, manage and update online databases. Application process required in order to enroll.

Medical Technologies @ Harbor High: This course provides an introduction to scientific concepts, theories and skill development in the healthcare setting for high school students planning on going on to college or advanced training in the healthcare field. Meets CSU/UC “G” requirement. (Health Careers preferred pre-requisite)

Music Production & Recording Arts @ Scotts Valley: Students explore the many dimensions and careers in the music business in a state-of-the-art recording studio and will learn Apple's Logic 9 software. Students will also learn the theory and techniques relevant to composing in a commercial song format and will become familiar with standard music industry business practices.

Sports Medicine: Students learn the skills necessary to work within the field of Sports Medicine., Athletic Training and Health Professions caring for physically active individuals. Focus is on functional anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and nutrition; the care and prevention of athletic injuries, therapeutic treatments and rehabilitation excercises. Students will work as a student athletic trainer at the school. Meet CSU/UC "G" requirement. Cabrillo Articulation - Eligible to petition for KIN - 10A, 3 credits, with Grade "B" (80%) or better and instructor recommendation, credit by exam.

Video Productions @ Harbor High:This course prepares students for entry level work in video productions. The class includes: pre-production planning, writing and script editing, on-camera acting, technical work, critical analysis, post-production editing of projects and their presentation to outside audiences. Meets CSU/UC “F” requirement. Could receive Cabrillo credit - Eligible to petition for DM 134A, 3 units, credit by exam, project portfolio and instructor recommendation.

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